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Rex Plastics, Inc. is proud to support the US injection molding and the US manufacturing industries by keeping work domestic, and not going overseas for molds or production. Our products are guaranteed and made in the USA, using domestically manufactured plastics whenever possible. Also check out our Free Offer!

Quality Customer Service

We are located in the Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, and serve customers nationwide. We have become respected in our local business community, by fellow custom plastic molding companies, and known throughout Washington State by proudly serving injection molding customers with integrity and true customer service.

Couple that with flexibility, quality, and competitive prices, and itís no surprise that we have a very loyal customer base.

What sets us apart from other plastic molding companies?

Family owned and operated for over 40 years.
Our Mold Guarantee – Very few molders are willing to put as much faith in their abilities as we have with our mold guarantee. Click here for details.
Accessibility – Walk-ins welcome, businesses or individuals. Quick mold or prototype modifications.
Flexibility – Short lead times, custom pricing, low setup costs, short run capabilities with "less than minimum" setup fees as low as $55!


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What else sets us apart?

Mold Making


In-House Full Service Tool Room – That means short downtimes, quick modifications, a mold guarantee, and a toolmaker with a vested interest in making an inexpensive mold that is designed for manufacturing, saving you money in production.

Part Design


Vast majority of customers obtained from word of mouth, because we understand how difficult customers are to find, and how important they are to keep.

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Our Process

in America

We won’t go overseas for molds. We support our Country and local business community first.

Our Promise - From “Conception to Completion” of your product, and the lifetime maintenance of your mold, we will always operate with integrity and pursue the best interests of our customers.

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